Andre the Gian height,biography,Career

Andre the Gian height

Andre the Gian height; 7 ft 4 in (224 cm) · 520 lb (236 kg) · “Grenoble in the French Alps” · Michel Saulnier.
Billed height:7 ft 4 in (224 cm)
Debut:25 January 1966
Billed weight:520 lb (236 kg)
Billed from:“Grenoble in the French Alps
Andre the Gian height
Andre the Gian height

Early Life

André the Giant was born as André René Roussimoff on May 19, 1946 in Coulommiers, France. He reportedly weighed 13 kilograms at birth. Although portrayed in wrestling as being from Grenoble in the French Alps, Andre actually grew up in the small town of Molien, 40 kilometers east of Paris. He has four siblings, two older and two younger. Sometimes, when André goes to and from school, the famous playwright Samuel Beckett, who is a neighbor, drives him.


Acre with an acromegial, the Hormonal problem of Pirtary Gland produces taste hormones. The disease may cause children to cause children to cause children to face the arrival of Arrows. Growth spurts led to the growth of his head, arms, legs, and heart. Andre wears shoes of size 22, and in his hands it can appear that he will be a little beer (as he showed in the photo that appeared in the 1981 Sports Illustrated profile).

Its size can make life difficult. Andre once said, “They don’t build anything for the big.” Back in the days of the telephone, he needed a pen to make a call. He travels 300 days a year to fight, but when he flies, he can’t go into the bathroom of the plane, so he has to cool down in make a bucket. Unless he can use a customized car, driving is a torture: “Often, I have to drive hundreds of kilometers in the front seat of the car and the back and neck are always hard.

It is often a topic that does not require public attention and is thought to affect relationships. “People want to be my friend because of my height. They want to use me. I don’t like that,” he once said.

Being big means Andre can drink. There is a story about how he ate 100 beers or 20 bottles of wine in one sitting. However, actor Cary Elwes, co-star of The Princess Bride, said: “Andre didn’t drink – Andre was in a lot of pain, God bless him. His back hurt because of the weight all. , and having other. wrestlers smashing chairs behind him.”

Doctors did not diagnose André with acromegaly when he was a child in France. He may have been cured when he broke his leg in 1981. At this point in his life, treatment would not have stopped him. . However he chose to be treated. In 2018 no heroes, his doctor explained decision andy: “He decided that he did not want to treat at the time because he could prevent it

Wrestling Career

André once said, “What God gave me, I use to make a living”, and his size helped him conquer the world of wrestling. In 1966, he started wrestling in France under the name of Jean Ferré. Andre also wrestled in Japan, where he was known as Monster Roussimoff, before moving to Quebec in 1971.

In 1973, Andre was billed as “Andre the Giant” and competed with Vincent McMahon Sr. worked in the World Wide Wrestling Federation (which later became the WWE). His reputation grew and André was known as the “Eight Wonder of the World”. During his career he wrestled around the world, traveling to Europe, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1987, Andre was the villainous opponent who faced Hogan at the highly watched Wrestlemania III. The episode featured Andre as an undefeated wrestler who had never been punched in the body (which was not true). A large crowd (although not the 93,000 that WWE touted) saw Hogan defeat Andre.


Andre the Gian height
Andre the Gian height

A son of Andre’s daughter was born, Robin Christfuff in 1979. Andre and his mother, Jean Christ, immature relationships of parents. This, along with Andre’s demanding travel schedule, made it difficult for him to see his daughter.

Robin would meet his father while he was playing sports around Seattle, and the two would talk on the phone. “Maybe if he had lived longer, maybe I would have had a closer relationship with him,” he said. André made Robin the first beneficiary of his will.

Documentary and Books

The 2018 documentary Andre the Giant provides an in-depth look at Andre’s life. André’s story has appeared in books, such as the 2014 graphic novel Andre the Giant: Life and Legend and the 2020 biography The Eighth Wonder of the World: The True Story of André the Giant. Artist Shepard Fairey has also publicly featured Andre in his “Andre the Giant has a Posse” street ad.


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